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    Hot off the press!

    I’ve just found out that The Velvet Ribbon (Club Aegis 1) placed 2nd in the Erotic Novel category of the International Digital Awards contest sponsored by Oklahoma Romance Writers of America. Congratulations to everyone who placed in all the categories, in particular Roz Lee, who placed first in the Erotic Novel category with “Strike Out”, and whom I had the pleasure to meet earlier this year in New York – well done, Roz! You can see the full list here.

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    Passion’s Last Promise (Club Aegis 3) – update

    Here we are, just a few weeks from Christmas. I had hoped to have Passion’s Last Promise available before Christmas, but it looks like it isn’t going to happen – for which I deeply apologise. I am making progress – the problem I have is that my characters are telling me about lots of things they want to happen in the story, but I think it’s just going to be too much for this one book. That being the case, I’m trying to rein them in and make the length of this book less daunting a prospect. Once I do get the first draft completed, it will need a lot…

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    So what comes next?

    To those of you who celebrate Labor Day, I hope you enjoyed the long weekend, and had a great time with your family and friends. Now that I’ve returned from the BDSM Writers Con, and I’m back to juggling the writing and the day job, I thought you might be interested to know what’s coming up over the next few months. Apart from anything else, if I tell you what my writing plans are, it means I have to stick to them! At any given time, I have a lot of projects bubbling away, in various stages of development. At the moment, however, there are two projects that are far…

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    Red Letter Day

    Today’s the day for Club Aegis 2.5 – A Wanting Heart to go live. This is one of those days when the nerves really set in; until today, it’s been a case of writing, reading, revising and polishing, but today is the day when I start to find out if what I’ve done meets with your approval, if it’s entertained you, if you like the characters enough to want to read more about them and the other members of Club Aegis. I do hope you enjoy this one. It’s shorter than the first two books in the series, but I do hope it’ll keep you going until Ros Edwards’ story…

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    Club Aegis – latest news

    The extra short novel in the Club Aegis series – A Wanting Heart – is almost ready for pre-order, and it’s still looking good for a publication date of 17 July. As I’m now on Twitter – @ChristieAdams – I’ll also put something out there when it’s available for pre-order, so please watch that space as well as this one! A Wanting Heart is the story of Ryan Quinn and Fiona Pearce, who attended Cam and Stacie’s collaring ceremony, mentioned at the end of Love Is Danger. From that, you’ll already know that Ryan and Fiona have their happy ending – A Wanting Heart tells the story of how they got…

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    Newsletter – an apology, and some better news…

    Just when you think everything’s going well, you hit a bump in the road… I have to apologise – for the time being, I’ve had to disable the newsletter link. I’m looking into getting something set up, but I want to do it right, and that’s taking rather more time and investigation than I anticipated. I can only tell you how sorry I am that this has been necessary, and I will get something set up just as soon as I can. And now we come to the better news… First, I’m now on Twitter! You’ll find me there as @ChristieAdams, and hopefully that will be less troublesome than the…

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    First standalone story

    Spent Love In a departure from the Club Aegis series, I’m pleased to announce my first standalone publication, a novella featuring two professionals each at a significant turning point in their lives. Faye and Michael are strangers, but they are brought together on a windswept beach by Michael’s dog, Artie. They each have major decisions to make regarding their futures – can they move on and leave their pasts behind, and will they move on as acquaintances, friends…or something more? As this one is only novella-length, there won’t be a paperback version, and at least initially, it’s only available on Amazon. Available now, and you can find a list of links here.

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    It’s Cam’s turn in the spotlight: Club Aegis Book 2 – Love Is Danger

    Club Aegis 2: Love Is Danger In Club Aegis 1: The Velvet Ribbon, we got to know Alex and Beth, and we were introduced to Alex’s long-time friend, Cameron Fraser. It’s now Cam’s turn to take centre-stage. And where Alex and Beth had known each other for a couple of years before they got together, Cam’s relationship starts from scratch, with a stormy night, a broken-down car, and a Good Samaritan gene that won’t quit. If you happen to buy it – thank you very much! – I really hope you enjoy it. And I’m currently working on the next book in the series, where we get to meet Ros Edwards,…

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    It’s Here! Club Aegis Book 1 – The Velvet Ribbon

    Club Aegis 1: The Velvet Ribbon has arrived… It’s been a while getting here, but we finally made it, thanks to a team of wonderful professionals who made it all possible. My baby has now been sent out into the world, and should you happen to invest in a copy – thank you! – I hope you enjoy it. I especially hope you enjoy it enough to come back for the next book in the series, where Alex’s friend, Cam, takes centre-stage. Available for pre-order between now and the official publication date of 3 April 2015, and you can find a list of links here.

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    News…and an apology

    Hello again. First of all, I need to apologise for the length of time since I last posted a message. Things have been progressing slowly, but I’m now at the stage where I’m about to send off the files to have Club Aegis 1: The Velvet Ribbon formatted. Subject to the workload of the formatters, I’m hoping to be able to make my first book available for sale before too long. Please bear with me. I would love to give you a definitive date for publication, but this is the first time I’ve ever done this, so I have no idea how long the various stages take. I’ll do better…