Hello – my name’s Christie, and I write romantic stories. Thank you for stopping by.

I started writing back in the mid to late 1970s –  what’s referred to today as “fan fiction”. I based my stories on characters in my favourite TV programmes while I was still at school, and in due course I began to invent my own characters and write stories for them.

Through the 1980s I sent my efforts to publishers, but to no avail. In the early 1990s I entered a short story competition in a computer magazine – this was to provide the turning point in my writing endeavours. My entry came second and was published in the magazine. In addition, the magazine editor asked me to write another story with a Christmas theme for their December issue.

Inspired by this success, a couple of years later I entered another short story competition. This was in a women’s magazine, and the brief for the story was that it should be erotic in nature. After some hesitation I decided to enter the competition. I wrote my story, sent it to the magazine and promptly forgot about it … until I received a phone call at work, just days before Christmas.

The call was from the magazine’s editor, to tell me that I’d won the competition! About three months later, my winning story was published, with a second short story published in the same magazine under commercial terms some time after that.

Fast forward to the present. Under a different pen name, my first novel was published by a leading publisher in the field of romance in November 2013. Having regained the rights to that novel, it will shortly be made available again in a revised form with fresh cover art as the first volume in a series. I hope that readers will enjoy the revised version and come back for further books in the series, and that this will be the start of the career in writing to which I have aspired for as long as I can remember.