Blind Faith

Blind Faith

Two may be company, but three is perfection…

Two plus one equals three… but it can only equal love if a submissive and his Dominant can convince a formidable Domme to become a permanent part of a three-way relationship…

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About the Book

One woman…

Catriona McCallum has a formidable reputation among the members of Club Hades. Although she maintains an ironclad image of detachment and control, she has one weakness—the relationship between Rafe and Nathan. Watching the two men scene is her greatest, most guilty pleasure… and her greatest torment.

…Two men…

Nathan Drake and Rafe Webster have been together since they met at university, but while Rafe is completely fulfilled by their relationship, Nathan needs more than his best friend’s love and control. There’s room in his life for a female lover too, and he knows exactly who he wants in that role.

…Three together

When Nathan confesses his secret desire for a permanent ménage relationship with Catriona, Rafe has his doubts. Even though Nathan’s confidence in their ability to achieve the seemingly impossible wins him over, winning Catriona will require more than blind faith…

Two plus one equals three… but can it also equal love?

Series: Standalones
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romance
Tags: BDSM Elements, Female Dominant, Male Dominant, Ménage
Publisher: Blue Topaz Books
Publication Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781910791547
List Price: $2.99
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