This is a list of all the projects I currently have “in the works”. There are a lot more ideas percolating around in my head, but these are the ones most likely to see the light of day. I’ll add others as they become candidates for this list, but hopefully this will keep you informed about what’s going on!


Project Notes Status
Rachael’s Brand Spectrum Security Inc. #3 has now gone to Aces Press – date of publication 11 January 2022! *** Available for preorder *** With publisher
Soul Lost Club Aegis #8 – Sean and Nia’s story. Fully plotted, current WIP First draft in progress
Love, Honour And Surrender Club Aegis #9 – plotting is now underway Being plotted
Spectrum Elite Ops A new spin-off from Club Aegis/Spectrum Security Inc – a series of 6 stories featuring new characters. In development