Rachel’s Brand

Rachel’s Brand

A woman without a memory… The man who can’t abandon her… The deadly secret that could end both their lives…

When a vacationing security consultant finds a woman injured,  unconscious, and alone in the Texas wilderness, the last thing he anticipates is a situation that puts both of them in danger…

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About the Book

A woman without a memory…

When Rachel awakens, she can be sure of only three things—her first name, the pain raging through every cell in her body, and whatever it is that has her running scared, it isn’t the rugged silver fox studying her from the other side of his tent.

The man who can’t abandon her…

After working non-stop for almost a year, all former Royal Military Police investigator Lucas Brand wants is a restful vacation as far away from cities, traffic, trouble, and people as possible. What he gets is a woman with no memory, left for dead in the Texas wilderness.

The deadly secret that could end both their lives…

What happened to Rachel was no accident. Someone, somewhere, is responsible for her brutal injuries, and whoever it is, their identity is locked inside her head. Brand won’t let her fight to uncover the truth alone, but that truth comes at a heavy price… for both of them…

Series: Spectrum Security Inc., Book 3
Genres: Romance, Romantic Suspense
Tags: Amnesia, Former military, Protector Romance, Special Forces: Operation Alpha
Publisher: Aces Press
Publication Year: 2022
eBook Price: $3.99
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