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Time for a change

Next week, on 8 September, Shattered Secrets (Club Aegis #7) goes live. It will be Free in Kindle Unlimited (KU), and the price of 99c/99p will continue for approximately one week.

Back in March, I made a decision to reduce the price of my independently published books to 99c/99p, the same price as my shorter stories. However, all good things must come to an end, and the time has come to return those prices to a more realistic level, which I will be doing on or around 15 September. This price change will also include Shattered Secrets.

In addition, I will not be renewing my books for KU. In practical terms, this means that Spent Love will be the first to leave, on 15 September. All my other independently published books will leave KU on 29 October, with the exception of Shattered Secrets, which will leave KU at the end of its enrolment, 90 days after publication.

For future releases, I plan to enrol them in KU on publication, for one period of 90 days before going wide.

None of this affects Charity’s Heart (Spectrum Security Inc. #1), as those decisions are in the hands of the publisher.

Fun though it is, writing is a business, and I’ve made this decision in that light. My books have been exclusive to Amazon/KU for a while now, and I believe the time has come to put these books in front of a wider audience.