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Club Aegis Series Title and Numbers – information

Those of you who are really observant may have noticed that the images of book covers on this website and on the retailer websites have changed slightly. There is a reason for this.

While there is a suggested reading order that may enhance your enjoyment of the series, there’s no real need to read the books in order, as they are all complete stories, with no cliffhangers. I took the decision to remove the sequential numbers from the Club Aegis books, because Amazon, through which a great many sales are made, doesn’t allow decimals in the numbering of books in a series. This being the case, A Wanting Heart hasn’t been easily recognisable as part of the Club Aegis series. Having tried and failed to get around this, I had no option but to have the numbers removed from the covers and title pages.

I also took the opportunity to make some small changes to the back matter.

These changes affect both the ebooks and the paperbacks, but the one thing that hasn’t changed – not one letter – is the content of the stories. They are word-for-word identical between the numbered versions and the unnumbered versions, so there is absolutely no need to be concerned about the content that matters most.

I hope you’ll understand the reasoning behind this move, and forgive any confusion this may have caused.