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Paperbacks, Book Covers and Next In Series

2018 is fast approaching, so I thought I’d just post a little note to wish you all a very Happy New Year, and to let you know about my plans for the Club Aegis series during the coming year.

The first thing is, I’ve recently retired the paperback versions of the series. This is because my cover artist, the amazingly talented Syneca Featherstone, will be redesigning all the series covers to date to match the style of Winter’s Fire. The changes have come about due to various advertising policies, which frown on nudity, even of the male variety. So it’s goodbye to all those impressive naked male chests, and hello to a new look.

The new paperback covers will also be reflected on the ebooks, and once the new covers are up, I shall be asking Amazon to push the new versions out to existing readers. Hopefully, Amazon will cooperate.

Which leads me to the final item – the next in series. Club Aegis #6 is called No Going Back, and it’s Sir Guy’s story. Sir Guy Somerton was never meant to be a prominent figure in the series. When I first dreamed him up as a minor supporting character, he was going to be Ros’ uncle, and that was it. However, as stories developed, so did Sir Guy, evolving into a former Army officer in charge of the elite unit for which Ros worked, and still a man of action in his fifties.

When I wrote the first book in the series, The Velvet Ribbon, I had no idea it would even lead to a series. And I never imagined one of my heroes would be a bearded silver fox!

So, plans for 2018. I don’t write full-time, much though I would like to, so my writing schedule is subject to the vagaries of the day job. Unless something happens to affect my plans, I’m hoping to get No Going Back published during 2018, and if that goes well, I’d also like to get book #7 out as well. I don’t have a title for that one yet, so I’m hoping inspiration will strike soon.

That’s about it for now. Big Ben is striking midnight, so Happy New Year, and I hope it’s a good one for you.

I used to be indecisive…

…Now I’m not so sure.

I know, it’s an old joke, but it’s about the right standard for my sense of humour.

So, if dithering were an Olympic event, I’d win gold every time.

You may be aware I’ve just published my first (and last) book for the year, and I’ve been trying to work out what to do for the best regarding where I sell it. Since January, all my other books have been exclusive to Amazon.

While sales and page reads haven’t been amazing (I’m not well-known, and my relationship with marketing/promo is a whole other issue), what I have seen with the latter is what I assume to be someone discovering the first book in the Club Aegis series, then going on to binge-read the rest of the series. It’s either that, or multiple readers have timed reading the series in order with awe-inspiring precision.

Page reads are how authors in Kindle Unlimited (KU) are paid, and the funds come from subscribers, who can access books at no additional cost as part of their Amazon Prime subscription. It may be that that’s the only way they can afford to read, and the thing is, there may be readers out there who’ve read the series so far, but who won’t be able to access Winter’s Fire because it’s not part of KU, and to my mind, that’s not fair.

So, I’ve made the decision to delist Winter’s Fire from Apple, so that on Christmas Day, when the enrolment of my other books in KU ends, I can re-enrol all five books in the series simultaneously. Until then, the price of Winter’s Fire will remain at 99c/99p, but it will be going up to $3.99/£2.99 when it goes into KU, in line with the other books of similar length in the series.

So, I apologise to any readers who haven’t been able to purchase the book through Apple. For now, though, if you install the Kindle app on your iPad/iPhone, you can still read my books, and if you also happen to be an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can read them at no further cost.

At present, being exclusive to Amazon appears to be the best option for where I am in my writing career, but if all goes well, that may well change in the future. Thank you for understanding.

Winter’s Fire (Club Aegis #5) – now available for pre-order

FINALLY – I’m happy to announce that Winter’s Fire, the fifth book in the Club Aegis series, is now available for pre-order.

At present, it’s on Amazon and Apple iBooks, and during the pre-order period, until the publication date of 19 December 2017, you can get it for 99c/99p.

Unlike the other books in the series, Winter’s Fire isn’t initially available on Kindle Unlimited. However, I will be reviewing the situation with regard to sales through the Apple website, so this may change in due course.  The publishing world has been going through a lot of changes in recent years, and as an independent publisher, I have to look at all the options for optimising sales, because it’s those sales that’ll pay for the cover art for the next book, and pay for it to be edited.

Thank you for understanding, and for your support, and watch this space for further updates.

Club Aegis Update

Things are moving in the Club Aegis universe! Winter’s Fire (#5) is now with my editor. I’m hoping to have it up for order in early December, but that’s dependent on her schedule.

In the meantime, I’m using #NaNoWriMo as a springboard to get No Going Back (#6) started. #NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month, and the challenge is to write the first draft of a 50,000 word novel in a month. I have no idea how long No Going Back will be, even though I’ve done some plotting of the story, but even if it’s longer than 50,000 words, if I can hit that target, it’ll be a good start.  So far, it’s going pretty well.

So, what’s it about? Good question, I’m glad you asked. No Going Back picks up soon after the end of Passion’s Last Promise (#4), which was Ros and Simon’s story, and in this one, we have a more mature main male character in Sir Guy Somerton, Ros’ uncle and former guardian. There’s a lot more to this man than has so far met the eye, as we found out at the end of Passion’s Last Promise

OKRWA International Digital Awards 2017

A few months ago, I entered Passion’s Last Promise (Club Aegis #4) in the International Digital Awards contest run by Oklahoma Romance Writers of America. This morning, I woke up to an email informing me that it was judged second in the Erotic Novel category.

You can see all those who either won or were placed in the various categories here:


So, one more thing remains, and that’s a huge thank you to the organisers of the contest, for all their hard work,and all the judges, for their time and effort.

Winter’s Fire (Club Aegis #5) – latest news

At long last I can bring you a meaningful update on Winter’s Fire.

The book is currently with my beta readers, three lovely ladies who’ve agreed to take a look at the manuscript before it goes to my editor. I don’t have a specific release date yet, as I’m now dependent on receiving their feedback and making any necessary changes, and then the book goes to my editor.

If all goes smoothly, I hope to have the book available in December, but that depends on multiple factors, not all of which I can control.

Watch this space!

Winter’s Fire (Club Aegis #5) – an update

Just thought I’d give you a little update on Logan and Lucy’s story.

Things are finally moving. This is a tough one, and for the last few months, it’s been like trying to push a stationary boulder. At long last, I feel as if I’ve got some traction, and the boulder’s finally moving. Still a way from completing the first draft, and when I do, I have a feeling there’ll be a lot of darlings to kill before it goes for editing, but at last there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

I am so ready to get this book out there. I have a few more books in this series to write, and other projects I’d like to work on. This has taken up too much time already, and I offer you my heartfelt apology for making you wait so long for the next book in the Club Aegis series.