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A New Book

If you’ve found me on Facebook, you may have seen me refer to a secret project over the last few months. Well, the secret is now out!

The secret project is a crossover story linking my Club Aegis series to characters in worlds created by the wonderful author Susan Stoker. If you like military romance and you haven’t discovered her yet, you’re in for a treat. You can find details of the treasure trove of her books on her website.

Charity’s Heart is the first book in a new series, focusing on Spectrum Security and its expansion in the US. It features characters from the Club Aegis series, but they will play supporting roles to a whole new cast of former members of the British armed forces. The publication date is 12 March 2019, and it’s available for pre-order now.

Please be aware, though, that the books in this series are only available on Amazon.

And if you decide to take a chance on a new series, thankyou so much, and I hope you enjoy the story.