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So what comes next?

To those of you who celebrate Labor Day, I hope you enjoyed the long weekend, and had a great time with your family and friends.

Now that I’ve returned from the BDSM Writers Con, and I’m back to juggling the writing and the day job, I thought you might be interested to know what’s coming up over the next few months. Apart from anything else, if I tell you what my writing plans are, it means I have to stick to them!

At any given time, I have a lot of projects bubbling away, in various stages of development. At the moment, however, there are two projects that are far more prominent than the remainder. One of them is the next full-length novel in the Club Aegis series – Passion’s  Last Promise features Ros Edwards, the former Royal Military Police officer who assisted Alex Lombard in the mission to rescue Cam Fraser in Love Is Danger. It’s fun writing about a female Dominant for a change, not to mention that it’s giving me the opportunity to put into practice what I learned at the Con.

My immediate priority, though, is my contribution to a boxed set of BDSM-themed stories. At the moment, the release date is planned to be sometime in March 2016, but could be subject to change. I need to have my contribution submitted by mid-December. It’s an exciting project, and currently, including yours truly, eight authors are involved.  It’s all very much a work in progress at this stage, and one of a number of planned boxed sets.

The first set – Falling in Love – is up for pre-order now, on Amazon US, Amazon UK etc