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Also available in paperback

Publication Date: 21 May 2015
Word Count: 93,018

Having witnessed his friends’ happiness, an ex-SAS security expert and lifelong loner opens himself up to the prospect of a committed relationship, but when the woman he falls for is injured in an incident connected with his work, his overprotective nature comes between them, with devastating consequences for both of them.

He changed his mind—now she’ll change his heart.

The product of a tough upbringing, Cameron Fraser never saw himself settling down, until he witnessed the happiness his friend Alex found with his wife and submissive, Beth. Open to the possibility, the Dom doesn’t expect to stumble across a beautiful damsel-in-distress, ready to take her first steps into the world of submission.

Betrayed by her now ex-boyfriend, Stacie Matheson is on her way to a weekend of reading, relaxation and chocolate when fate throws her into the path of a tall, blond and handsome knight in a shining Jaguar. Attraction is instant, and although he and his friends are way out of her league, that attraction proves to be mutual.

However, there’s more to Cam’s life than the sensual games he plays with Stacie. When his work intrudes on their relationship, neither is prepared for the catastrophic aftermath.