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The book that turned me from a pantser to a plotter…

Passion’s Last Promise, the next book in my Club Aegis series, is finally in the hands of my wonderful editor.

I am so relieved to be able to type that line. This story has been a long time in the writing – the first file I have for it goes back to September 2014. Between then and now, it’s undergone many changes – the main male character has had three different names, and I can’t even remember how many scenes have been added and then removed.

Even the physical structure of the story has changed – until very recently, there was a prologue, but I decided that the content was best placed where it belongs in the timeline.

And because I’ve fought with the story and the characters every step of the way, or so it seems, this is the last time I write a book as a pantser. No more changing characters or story elements as I go along. The next book in the series – Winter’s Fire – will be planned.

Instead of knowing where I’m starting from and where I’m going to, and finding my way between the two by the seat of my pants, I’m going to know the route before I start out on the journey – it may not be the full route down to the tiniest detail, but I will know all the places I’m going to stop off on the way, and I’ll have a good idea of how I’m going to get from one place to the next.

I hope this will lead to better outcomes for both of us – you, the reader, and me, the writer. If I can write faster, and with less stress, it means you can have the next book faster, instead of waiting so long for it.

So, watch this space. The next news I have should – hopefully – be a publication date for Passion’s Last Promise, where you’ll get to meet Ros Edwards properly, and see what happens when the woman of action meets Dr. Simon Northwood, CEO and intellectual overachiever…