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Publication Date: 12 March 2019
Word Count: 59,934

A business trip to Texas forces a former British Army officer to face his demons, and changes his life forever.

Two lost souls learn the power of love…

After Nick Blackmore’s military career came to a horrific, fire-engulfed end, he sought refuge in the cold logic of numbers. Accountancy might be a world away from his adrenaline-fueled time in the army, but at least he has his life, unlike the men who died in the RPG attack on his patrol.

The café in the small Texas town is more than Charity Reynolds’ way of making a living—it’s her home and her sanctuary. Life there would be perfect, but for the acts of petty vandalism that are a constant reminder of the ex-husband who can’t accept their divorce.

An early sortie for breakfast leads Nick to a local coffee shop and a pair of blue eyes that wash over him like a warm, tropical ocean. For Charity, the sexy accent of the Englishman on the other side of her counter shatters the protective shield around her heart and opens her up to emotions she’d believed herself no longer capable of feeling.

But trouble’s never far away. The vandalism escalates. For Nick, the stakes are personal now, and when it becomes a matter of life and death, there’s no man he’d rather have on his team than Keane “Ghost” Bryson—long-time friend and Delta Force officer…