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Publication Date: 25 May 2015
Word Count: 21,976

When she meets a younger man who offers her a glimpse of what life could be like after divorce, an advertising agency executive must set aside her conventional view of relationships or risk losing a future she’d never thought could be hers.

An older woman, a younger man… and a dog named Artie.

Still reeling from the discovery of her husband’s latest—and last—bout of cheating, Faye Griffiths has reached a crossroads in her life. Officially separated, she’s on the verge of initiating divorce proceedings, but uncertainty shadows her every thought about what comes after that.

On the surface, celebrity chef and wealthy restaurateur Michael Townsend has it all—success has paved the way to fortune and fame, but his life remains barren and unfulfilling. He needs to find the key to happiness, but he doesn’t even know what it looks like.

The strangers-in-need meet, courtesy of Michael’s dog, Artie. Their encounter is pure chance—or has the canine furry godfather waved his magic tail to show Faye and Michael that answers can be found in the unlikeliest of places?