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Publication Date: 22 July 2016
Word Count: 19,749

When they part company at the airport, a romance author doesn’t think she’ll ever see her attractive fellow passenger again, but when he saves her from a bad situation at a kink club, it opens a door to a life-changing future for both of them. 

A BDSM romance novelist’s research trip ends up delivering more than she bargained for…

Romance author Julia McKenna meets a fascinating stranger on her flight to New York. The ex-pat Brit wants to see her while she’s in the city he now calls home, but the purpose of her trip is research, and her timetable is already booked solid.

Mark Chandler is delighted by the woman he encountered on the plane. Unable to get her out of his mind, he’s even more delighted when he sees her at the kink club where he’s a member.

Julia hadn’t expected to see Mark again, and even if she had, it wouldn’t have been at the club her group is visiting as part of their conference. He comes to her rescue when she finds herself at the centre of a hostile difference of opinion, and what follows is a life-changing experience for both of them…