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If you’ve visited my site before, for which I thank you, you may have noticed on this visit that not only has there been a bit of a shuffle in the menu items, there’s a new one up there as well – Newsletter.

Now, I’m not going to be sending these things out every five minutes, mainly because I don’t want you to get fed up with receiving them. I’d like to think that when you see something from me in your inbox, you’ll know that it’s something worth reading. Your time is precious, and I truly appreciate any of it that you decide to spend on reading my books, or visiting my website, or soon, perusing a newsletter.

So, if you feel inclined to do so, please click on the link above, and it’ll take you to a page where you can enter your name and email address. Then I can keep you informed of the latest news on the book front, and any other exciting developments as I grow more accustomed to this business of writing stories.

Thanks for reading!