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It’s Cam’s turn in the spotlight: Club Aegis Book 2 – Love Is Danger

Love Is Danger

Club Aegis 2: Love Is Danger

In Club Aegis 1: The Velvet Ribbon, we got to know Alex and Beth, and we were introduced to Alex’s long-time friend, Cameron Fraser. It’s now Cam’s turn to take centre-stage.

And where Alex and Beth had known each other for a couple of years before they got together, Cam’s relationship starts from scratch, with a stormy night, a broken-down car, and a Good Samaritan gene that won’t quit.

If you happen to buy it – thank you very much! – I really hope you enjoy it. And I’m currently working on the next book in the series, where we get to meet Ros Edwards, a former Royal Military Police officer who was mentioned briefly in Club Aegis 1: The Velvet Ribbon, and who plays a slightly more significant part in Club Aegis 2: Love Is Danger.

Available for pre-order between now and the official publication date of 21 May 2015, and you can find a list of links here.