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Also available in paperback

Publication Date: 3 April 2015
Word Count: 90,606

A former SAS officer has it all—except the one woman he wants more than life itself. Fate brings them together, but with someone from his past conspiring to destroy first his business and then his life, he must stop his unknown enemy before his woman becomes a target.

He’s protected her from himself, but now he must keep her safe from an enemy from his past—or die trying.

Alex Lombard appears to have it all, but beneath the veneer of success lies a very different truth. The former SAS officer’s business is falling victim to what appears to be industrial espionage, and the only woman he wants is the one he can’t have—the office is no place for personal relationships. Even if it were, scarred inside and out by his experiences in the Middle East, he feels he has little to offer outside the shortest of short-term liaisons.

Beth Harrison’s ex-military boss not only gave her the job of a lifetime as his executive assistant—he’s also given her the perfect inspiration for the Dom in the BDSM romance she’s writing, the only way she can experience the lifestyle she craves but is too afraid to explore for real.

A street crime brings them together as more than employer and employee, but someone from Alex’s past is out for revenge, and the assault on his business is only the start…

NOTE: This work was previously published. It has been retitled, expanded and re-edited for this release.