Club Aegis

Aegis—the shield of Zeus, and by extension, a means of protection. The men and women who are members of Club Aegis have all played their part in protecting their country. They work hard…and they play hard. Their lives are not always easy—and sometimes they have to put their lives on the line, not just for their country but for those they love.


Club Aegis
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The Velvet Ribbon A Wanting Heart Love Is Danger Passion’s Last Promise
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5* –
Manic Readers
4.5* –
Manic Readers
4* –
Cocktails & Books
2015 IDA Finalist 2016 IDA Finalist
Placed 2nd
(Erotic Novel)
Placed 4th
(Erotic Short)
Nominee 2017
(Dominant women
submissive men)