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Club Aegis – the future

Passion’s Last Promise, the fourth book in the Club Aegis series, has now been published. I’m working on the fifth, which will bring together two people we met briefly in Passion’s Last Promise—Logan Simmonds and Lucy Winter. Not much potential for romance there, you might think, but when you have a woman with ambition and a man in need of a partner for an undercover investigation, anything can happen. You’ll be able to find out what does happen in Winter’s Fire.

You may be wondering where we go from there. There’s a man who’s appeared in most of the books in the series, even if only by name, and that’s Sir Guy Somerton. There’s been more than one tragedy in his past, and he lives his life alone—I think it’s time we shook things up for him and shed some light on his secrets, which is what I plan to do, once Winter’s Fire is complete. Sir Guy will find out that there’s No Going Back.

After that? I’m not sure about the order of the next two books, nor do I even have working titles for them, but we have met four men who are missing something in their lives.

We last heard about Conor Devlin and Dylan “Bax” Baxter when they attended Cam and Stacie’s collaring ceremony at the end of Love Is Danger, where they were taking a particular interest in Stacie’s friend, Jenifer Peterson. Conor and Bax work as a team, and that’s not only when they’re on an assignment for Spectrum Security. In their opinion, it takes two to show a lady the ultimate in sensual pleasure, and that’s just what they have in store for the lovely Jen—but is Jen all she appears?

Finally we have Lee Carmichael and Tristan Rhodes, whom we met briefly at the club in Passion’s Last Promise. To the outside world, they appear to have it all—they’re smart, successful and wealthy, and a Master and sub very much in love with each other. No one has any idea that something—someone—is missing from their relationship, least of all their PA, the beautiful Maggie Firth. So she’s a little older than them—age is just a number, and when it comes to feelings, numbers simply don’t count. Somehow, they need to get Maggie into their personal as well as their working life, but unknown to them, Maggie comes with the kind of baggage that means serious, life-threatening trouble.

So that’s the plan for Club Aegis as it stands right now—eight books in all, but as the saying goes, never say never…