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Club Aegis – latest news

The extra short novel in the Club Aegis series – A Wanting Heart – is almost ready for pre-order, and it’s still looking good for a publication date of 17 July. As I’m now on Twitter – @ChristieAdams – I’ll also put something out there when it’s available for pre-order, so please watch that space as well as this one!

A Wanting Heart is the story of Ryan Quinn and Fiona Pearce, who attended Cam and Stacie’s collaring ceremony, mentioned at the end of Love Is Danger. From that, you’ll already know that Ryan and Fiona have their happy ending – A Wanting Heart tells the story of how they got there, after circumstances in Fiona’s life drove them apart first time around. They meet again at Fiona’s sister’s wedding, where an apology turns into so much more…

This story is a little different from other stories in the series, as well as being shorter. However, Ryan and Fiona will be putting in more appearances, so I thought it would be interesting to find out a little more about them – how they got together again, and why they split up in the first place. I hope you enjoy meeting them.