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    Happy New Year!

    As I’m writing this post, it’s New Year’s Eve, and in a few more hours, we’ll be welcoming in 2019 – I hope it brings you health and happiness, and success in everything you do. I last published a book in July 2018, which seems an awfully long time ago now. That was No Going Back, the 6th book in my Club Aegis series. I did make a start on the next book in the series – there’ll be 9 books in all – but I put that project on the back burner while I started work on a new project. I can’t say too much just yet, but the…

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    Website Migration

    If you’ve visited my website before, you’ll see that it’s changed a bit – that’s because I’ve migrated it to a new hosting company. At the moment, I’m working my way through the site, trying to fix any broken links or display issues. If you happen to come across any while visiting the site, please let me know by email – you can contact me at christie.adams.author@gmail.com. Thank you, and please bear with me while I resolve the issues.

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    Club Aegis, and what comes next…

    If you’re a regular reader of my infrequent posts—and if you are, thank you very much—then you’ll know that I’m currently working on the sixth book in my Club Aegis series. The cover art is already done for that one, but because I can’t resist the temptation to see what work of art she’ll come up with next, I’ve already asked my wonderful cover artist, Syneca Featherstone, to work on the seventh. You can see more of her wonderful work on her website here. And that got me thinking. Only books eight and nine remain in my plans for the series, and that’s quite a daunting prospect. Although I’ve written…

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    Club Aegis – A Progress Report

    With the recent publication of Winter’s Fire, I thought I’d take this opportunity to let everyone know how the next book in the series, No Going Back, is… er, going! Word count is currently almost 53k. At this stage, I can’t be sure what the finished count will be, but my current estimate is between 80k and 90k, so much in keeping with the main body of Club Aegis stories. The epilogue is already written, due to the nature of how I write, which tends to be in chunks that may or may not be consecutive. The epilogue ends with a hook into another story in the series. And therein…

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    Paperbacks, Book Covers and Next In Series

    2018 is fast approaching, so I thought I’d just post a little note to wish you all a very Happy New Year, and to let you know about my plans for the Club Aegis series during the coming year. The first thing is, I’ve recently retired the paperback versions of the series. This is because my cover artist, the amazingly talented Syneca Featherstone, will be redesigning all the series covers to date to match the style of Winter’s Fire. The changes have come about due to various advertising policies, which frown on nudity, even of the male variety. So it’s goodbye to all those impressive naked male chests, and hello…

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    Amazon only or wide – that is the question…

    My blog posts are like buses – you wait ages for one, then a bunch come along at once, although I’m not certain two constitutes a bunch. Then again, who knows what tomorrow might bring? This post concerns the vexing question in its title.  At least, it’s a vexing question for indie authors like me, who have control of all aspects of the writing and publication processes. I started off wide – that means I listed my books on all the websites I felt comfortable with: Amazon, Kobo, others via a service provided by Draft2Digital (D2D), mainly so I could list on iBooks. For those of you who aren’t aware,…

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    Club Aegis Update

    Things are moving in the Club Aegis universe! Winter’s Fire (#5) is now with my editor. I’m hoping to have it up for order in early December, but that’s dependent on her schedule. In the meantime, I’m using #NaNoWriMo as a springboard to get No Going Back (#6) started. #NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month, and the challenge is to write the first draft of a 50,000 word novel in a month. I have no idea how long No Going Back will be, even though I’ve done some plotting of the story, but even if it’s longer than 50,000 words, if I can hit that target, it’ll be a good…

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    OKRWA International Digital Awards 2017

    A few months ago, I entered Passion’s Last Promise (Club Aegis #4) in the International Digital Awards contest run by Oklahoma Romance Writers of America. This morning, I woke up to an email informing me that it was judged second in the Erotic Novel category. You can see all those who either won or were placed in the various categories here: https://okrwa.com/con…/international-digital-awards/winners/ So, one more thing remains, and that’s a huge thank you to the organisers of the contest, for all their hard work,and all the judges, for their time and effort.

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    The Carolyn Readers Choice Awards 2017 – Finalist

    I’ve just received the wonderful news that Passion’s Last Promise (Club Aegis #4) is a finalist in the Erotic category of the North Texas Romance Writers of America Carolyn Readers Choice Awards. The winners will be announced on 6 May. A big thank you to the readers and the contest organisers!

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    Closure of All Romance eBooks – Updated

    31 Dec 2016 – Further to the post below, and having had time to talk to friends and sleep on it, I’ve decided to bring forward my decision to go exclusively with Amazon, for the next three months at any rate. What happens after that depends on how successful the experiment is. If you’ve previously purchased my books from other retailers, thank you very much for your support – it is very much appreciated. However, my decision is based on an analysis of all the sales data in my possession. There was only one realistic conclusion, and that was to give Amazon exclusivity a try. And once again – if…