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About No Going Back

As of the date of this post, No Going Back (Club Aegis #6) is up on Amazon and available for pre-order. I think it’s as well that I let you know that the style of this book is a little different from other books in the series, but only in a small way, and one that I hope won’t be detrimental to your enjoyment of the story.

I normally write in third person past tense, which is a fairly standard writing style for fiction. However, there was something about the nature of this story that led me to write the prologue, and only the prologue, in first person present tense. For that scene, it just felt right to put the reader right in the middle of it, to see the action play out as if they really are there.

I hope you don’t mind. The rest of the book is in my usual narrative style, and in case you haven’t had a chance to take a look yet, the main male character in this story is Sir Guy Somerton, a man in his fifties, who proves that while there may be snow on the roof, there’s still a fire raging in the hearth…